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How to Choose a Commercial Electric Griddle

For any commercial institution like a hotel, serving food is always a hectic affair. Moreover, most of the food items need to be served hot or warm. While you may find commercial equipment like an oven doing the job, nothing works better than a commercial electric girdle. Let’s look at some factors that you need to look into while purchasing a commercial electric girdle –

Deciding on the type

There are basically three types of commercial griddles- countertop griddle, drop-in griddle and teppanyaki griddle. Each has its own characteristic. Based on your kitchen and requirement, you can select the most appropriate one.

Griddle plate thickness

A thicker flat-top griddle’s plate not only makes it more durable but also increases its ability to withstand stress repeated heating and cooling. It does not show any warning signs or any ear or tear signs. A thicker griddle also facilitates more even cooking, and the plate is remaining hot for a longer time which ultimately saves energy bills.

Griddle plate finish

Most commercial griddle plates are crafted of stainless steel with a chrome finish to enhance its properties. Due to its non-porous nature, chrome prevents flavors to be transmitted to various kinds of foods, prevents their sticking and reduces the need for fat, oil or grease. It is also non-reactive metal which helps in keeping away any metallic taste from acidic foods or darkening of light-colored foods.

Griddle depth and width

Often the griddle depth ranges from 20 to 30 inches and width ranges from 24 to 72 with an increment value of 12 inches. Both these sizes are important to determine the amount of food that can be cooked at one go and the space that the griddle would occupy in the kitchen. Thus, your available kitchen space and clearance requirements (space that needs to be left on the griddle and surrounding equipment or wall for cleaning) would help you choose the right size.

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