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Recommendations For Delicious Local Halal Food In Medan Indonesia

When you come to Medan, please be sure to try local dish halal food in Medan Indonesia. Travel to Medan certainly does not feel complete without a culinary tour around the city of Medan. Indeed, the city of Medan is a city rich in local culinary with a distinctive taste of cuisine. Therefore, the local cuisine of Medan is famous for its delicacy. There are many local dishes that appear in Medan for you to enjoy.

When it comes to halal food in Medan Indonesia cuisine many delicious dish will make you feel worth to taste. But among so many local cuisines in Medan, some famous dish becomes the aim of many people who come to Medan. Some of the following most famous dish in Medan you can see in bellow.

  1. Lontong Sayur Medan ( Medan’s Vegetable Lontong)

Lontong is indeed a common food found in Indonesia. But only in Medan you can taste lontong cuisine using a variety of mixed ingredients. Local food Medan uses lontong, chilli bean sauce, tauco, noodles, peanut sauce, vegetable sauce, and white red crackers. In addition, sometimes people will add a side dish like egg to complement the dish.

  1. Mie Gomak ( Gomak Noodles)

Mie Gomak is a noodle dish mixed with fried peanut or boiled peanuts. Mie Gomak with peanut sauce is noodles that have been boiled and then poured with peanut spice, the final touch is sprinkled with crackers and fried onions. In addition, there is also Mie Gomak with sauce made from coconut milk, onion seasoning, garlic, red pepper, galangal, lemongrass, ginger, pecan, turmeric, and gongseng coconut.

  1. Daun Ubi Tumbuk (Mashed Potato Leaves)

This is a vegetable favorite Batak people that you can find in Mandailing food stalls in Medan. These tasty flavored vegetables are usually eaten with rice, chili paste, fish curry or smoked catfish. The uniqueness of the taste is produced by cempoka fruit that only exist in Sumatra.

  1. Mie Aceh Medan (Aceh Medan’s Noodles)

Basically, this dish uses noodles as the main ingredient originating from Aceh. The spice-rich herbs as ingredients in making this noodle make the taste of this dish become different. Although this dish comes from Aceh, this cuisine is then assimilated with the culture of the people of Medan. The use of spices typical of the people of Medan and the adjustment of taste with the taste of the people of Medan make this dish to be different from the original.

The dish mentioned above is the most common seeking dish from halal food in Medan Indonesia dishes that was sought after by many people who travel to Medan. Maybe, for majority of people will travel to Medan because it’s was the third rate city in Indonesia, or because it has many beautiful spots to be enjoy. But when you already come to Medan, try to enjoy the taste of delicacy in Medan cuisine will definitely make your journey feel more worth for your time. Because many local cuisine and dish in Medan, you will not encountered in another places.

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