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Full-Service Catering – What Does It Include

If you want your guests to go back home with happy tastebuds and compliment you for the food served at the event, then the one name that can make this possible is Dutchman’s Caterers. They are a family-owned catering business that has been delivering smiles in events in Langley and the Lower Mainland for more than five decades.

This Langley catering service provider has created a name for itself in the industry with its passion and dedication for food and outstanding service. They have a fantastic team of professional managers, award-winning chef and knowledgeable staff that make every event a success.  

Their cater for Full-Service Events, Sandwich Lunch/Memorial Service, Light Service Events, Deli Trays and Cocktail Party Hors d’oeuvres.

Full-Service Events

Dutchman’s Caterers manages full-service events for a group of at least 35 people or more. Even though the price mentioned on the website is based on 75 guests, they still take orders for events involving fewer people. However, you will need to bear the surcharge per person for groups that are less than 75 guests.

The full-service events will include the trained and knowledgeable staff. The full settings will be provided by Dutchman’s Caterers, and this will include dinner and dessert plates, silverware, wine and water glasses, carafes of ice water, salt and pepper shaker, cup and saucer.

There will also be special service staff to take care of the guests, and the ratio will be one staff for twenty-five guests in case of buffers and one staff for serving dinner to fifteen guests in case of served arrangements. In case of alternative arrangements, extra charges may apply. Visit their website for more details –

Dutchman’s Caterers take great care to ensure that each event is personalized as per your requirements. If you want your event décor to stand out from the ordinary, then they are ready to tweak in the changes.  The staff can place extra decorations items such as centerpieces, unique flowers, gifts, or mirrors on the tables.

For the full-service events, you can expect the staff to serve tea and coffee to the guests. From uncorking the wine bottles to placing them on the tables, everything is covered at no additional cost.

Although Dutchman’s Caterers is a primarily Langley catering service provider, they also cater to Lower Mainland BC including Vancouver, Surrey and more. So, if you want to have a successful event without stressing out with all the details then chose Full-Service Catering offered by Dutchman’s Caterers. Find out more at

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