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The 6 Best White Wines For Red Wine Drinkers

A lot of wine lovers find comfort in a refreshing glass of red wine especially during warm weather. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied how drinking white wine soothes better especially when one is already sweating from the heat. White wine may be less of a favorite because of its thin, thart, and sometimes unsatisfying finish but that case is only if you have chosen the wrong whites.

If you are so used to red wines, white wines that are fuller-bodied with low acidity level and high texture are a good consideration. You may also try white wines that have a touch of oak or oxidative aging as these techniques are often applied in making red wines. To make your transition easier, take our suggestions below as a guide:

  • Chardonnay – If you love Pinot Noir red wine, Chardonnay white wine is a good option as it grows usually where Pinot Noir grows. Both grapes offer a range of styles. Hence, you can expect a Chardonnay counterpart for every Pinot Noir variety you can come across. Also, if you dig the fresh and earthy side of Pinot Noir, you can try out White Burgundy as it tends to have some richness but retains its mineral and citrus aromas. If, on the other hand, you dig a rounder, fruitier style of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay California is the one for you. It is rich, buttery, and often seasoned with vanilla toast flavors of new oak, offering the same punch that red wine has.
  • California Sauvignon Blanc – You can go for this white if you love reds Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Although the latter are two different grapes, they still are from the same Bordeaux grape family, thus they share some qualities. Like them, California Sauvignon Blanc is full-bodied, deeply fruited with green note and are often oaked. However, Sauvignon Blanc can offer light, citrusy versions too if they are from New Zealand or Sancerre.


  • If you like Italian reds, Savennieres is a white wine that is good for you. Italian reds offer a lot of varieties in terms of style but they share some qualities in common including the acidity level, tannic, body, and structure. There are some Italian whites that are a great substitute to Italian reds. One best example of these is Savennieres from overripe grapes that are harvested late and fermented dry. Because of this, unctuous, full-bodied, complex wines that bear Chenin Blanc’s high acidity are produced. For Savennieres flavors, you can choose between yellow fruit, hay, honey, and smoky minerality.


  • New World Viognier or Rhone Whites. If you like Rioja, you can go for either of these two. Rioja has that notes of sweet, suntan-lotion reminiscent coconut, dill, and ripe red fruit. It is one remarkably aromatic and complex wine. Like it, wines made from grapes Viognier, Marsanne, Rousanne, and Grenache Blanc, also known as white wines from the Rhone, also bear the same qualities. They are usually full-bodied and quite aromatic, with ripe stone fruit, herbs, spice, and floral aromas. The New World version of Rhone whites also offer intense, oaked Viogniers of California, which offers a slightly different package but the goodness is just the same.


  • Portuguese Whites. You can go for this white if you dig Malbec red wines. In central and southern parts of Portugal, the hot summer usually ripens grapes fully. This creates big, bold, full-fruited wines that still give a refreshing finish just like Malbec. As you visit Portugal, look for textured Encruzado wines from the northern Dao region and branco blends from Alentajo area.


  • Skin-Contact (“Orange”) Wines. If you dig funky and fun kind of red wines, this white wine is the one for you. Orange Wines are white wines that are simply fermented like red wines wherein the juices extend contact with the grape skins. As a result, the colour of the wine enhances as well as its texture and flavors. Orange wines are common in traditional winemaking regions like Friuli and Slovenia but some can be found in America too depending on the styles.

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