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7 Tips to Efficiently Use a Cheap Egg Incubator

Chicken eggs incubators are very helpful to the chicken farmers, who are in constant need of an incubator to hatch eggs. These incubators boost chicken farming and prove to be very beneficial to the farmers.

However, the face of the reality is that the efficiency of the egg incubators is the prime concern among the chicken farmers. Sometimes, the results are so disappointing that it creates a sense of frustration among the chicken farmers.

In an effort to reduce the frustration and guide those people who are involved in hatching eggs through cheap egg incubators, we are here with a guide on how to efficiently use a cheap egg incubator to achieve great results.

Tips to improve the efficiency of the cheap egg incubator

There are several factors, which are responsible for the results in the egg incubation.

  • Humidity: The humidity is one important factor, which determines if chicken eggs get hatched or not. The maintenance of the optimum humidity within the incubator is utmost important. This can be done through several ways, among which one is the use of the sponge. Add the sponge within the incubator in order to help yourself with the easy maintenance of the humidity. When the humidity is high, remove water from within with the help of squeezing out sponge. In case, of less humidity, you can add humidity through the sponge by squeezing in the water.
  • Temperature: The other factor, which in combination with the humidity decides what the fate of the eggs will be! Maintenance of the best temperature can be done with the use of the bulbs. Lit the bulb constantly to provide enough warmth within the egg incubator. However, in case, the temperature within is high, you can make a hole in the box, to pull out some heat from within. Keep a constant eye on the thermometer to keep tabs on the temperature within the incubator.
  • Location of incubator: The location of any cheap egg incubator is very important for the final results of the eggs. It is advised that you should never place the incubator near a gas heater. Also, avoid placing it in a cold room or at the place where it gets dumped up or gets toppled. Make sure that the incubator is stabilized at a better place, where the conditions are optimum.
  • Eggs Position: try to keep all eggs in a close position to each other. Try to keep them together closely so that the warmth can be better circulated and eggs also remain constant while they are being placed for hatching.
  • Direction of eggs: The direction of eggs is also an important criterion for the better hatching results of the eggs, thus overall improving the results of your cheap egg incubator. Pay attention to the direction that you are turning your eggs towards. Mark the position of the eggs, when you turn them so that the position can be tracked. Make sure, you should do this otherwise who knows, you keep on rotating eggs in the same direction again and again!
  • Number of times eggs should be turned: There is a limit a fixed number to which eggs should be turned in a day. Typically, eggs should be turned 3-4 times, once in a day and even that must be done, with extra care. Never rush in while turning the eggs and make sure that while turning eggs, don’t disturb the eggs too much. You can fix a time frame like morning, afternoon and evening for the time of your turning of eggs.
  • Upon beginning of eggs hatching: Once the eggs start to get hatched, don’t just get too excited! In the excitement, you may open the incubators, again and again, to remove the chicks and thus affecting the temperature and humidity requirements for other eggs, which are still no hatched. Thus, you are advised to open your cheap egg incubator once per day in order to offer a better chance for other unhatched eggs to get hatched and thus improving the efficiency of the incubator.

The chicken egg incubation is a really exciting thing to do if you are carrying the process in your homemade cheap egg incubator.

If you are looking to gain maximum in terms of knowledge and experience, use the homemade egg incubators and try your hands to improve its efficiency with your better approach towards the incubation. You can efficiently use a cheap egg incubator to get a favorable result in your hatching needs!

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