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Preserved Foie Gras and bird flu

With the development of the modern day technologies we have come to a new era of communication. With the global connection that Internet provides, social media has evolved in the recent years and is now a big part of our daily lives. The information that can be found in the global network is overwhelming as it has uncountable sources and is reachable by anyone. With it come the countless possibilities for people to learn new things that are interesting for them and that can be of their use. Although this is true there is negative part of it. The sources of the information can be false or manipulated thus the readers can be left confused or misinformed.

The countless articles around web can be written by anyone even though he does not possess the knowledge needed. While people are reading something on a web page most of them assume automatically it is true and believe in the words before them. This is wrong. Information can be altered as false facts may be added to create a more interesting or eye catching story and bring audience. This is done more frequently than you might imagine. The media is altering stories to sound more interesting and to become popular is this brings money it. But by doing so many people of its audience become confused and start believing in something that is false as this brings the danger of mass misinformation.

With the cases of bird flu in the recent years the media hurried to create a big story about it thus made some mass misinformation in the public about the danger of consumption of bird products. Preserved Foie grass is culinary ingredient that is actually larger bird liver. As stated from the French agriculture ministry the bird flu could not be transmitted to people “through the consumption of meat, eggs, foie gras, or any other food product.” So while it can be cooked properly it brings no danger of carrying the virus to a human. If you read closely around the web you will see how the bird flu, which was main theme for speculations around the medias can hardly be transmitted to people from birds and is impossible to be done throughout well cooked meat products. After proper thermal treatment all the products are safe to be consumed as the heat kills the virus.

Furthermore foie gras has many benefits for your health. Traditionally this culinary delicacy originates from Gascony, southwest France, where it is part of the local cuisine. In the region the locals diet is full of goose and duck fat, which is considered to be much closer in chemical composition to olive oil than it is to butter and lard. A study shows that people in this part of the country has the lowest rate of death from cardiovascular disease. The benefits for your health and heart in particular are many as foie gras fats are for better than many of the ones that are found in everyday products we consume. Bringing fatty duck liver to your diet can reduce the risks from heart diseases significantly. Furthermore the consumption of fats can bring higher level of cholesterols and cause weight problems, but due to the great compound of foie gras fat has way more positives from the ones that usually are found in our food.

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