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Essential Party Planning Tips

La Cuisine has been providing party catering in CT for over 35 years, they know their way around a shindig. That’s why they filled this post with tips and tricks that will help you throw a party your family and friends will be talking about for ages.

Decide what type of party you’re going to throw.

This tip may sound obvious but it’s a good one to lay out first. That’s because this decision will provide the foundation for you to build the rest of your party plan upon. After all, you wouldn’t plan a small gathering the same way as you would a soiree for 15 or 20 people. Doing this first will usually tell you how much prep work you’ll need to do. For instance, if you’re throwing a costume party you’d typically need to do more shopping and decorating than you would for a dinner party.

Start prepping your party early.

The reason you want to start planning your party early is two-fold. First, you want to make sure you have enough time to properly bring your vision to life. Nothing can be more frustrating than realizing at the last minute that you haven’t bought enough drinks or the CT party catering company you wanted to hire has already been booked the weekend of your party. The second reason you should start prepping for your party early is to reduce the overall stress of throwing a party. You aren’t forced to run around at the last minute making sure everything is just perfect. When you’re hosting a party it’s important not to forget about actually hosting. You’re an integral part of your party and not just because you know where the bottle opener is. Take time to enjoy yourself and your guests will follow your lead.

Craft your guest list with care.

A good party should have a mix of different personalities and people. And the people you invite will have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your party so keep that in mind. Besides taking care with who you invite you can also try giving everyone assigned seating during meals.  After all it’s your party–don’t be afraid to take charge.

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