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9 Ways to Cook an Egg


Being one of the most commonly found foods, around the globe. Eggs are not only nutritious, inexpensive and readily available but are also versatile in nature hence are used in an entire range of ways whether in sandwiches, cakes, waffles, for frying purposes and so on. Being an essential element of breakfast around the globe, eggs are traditionally either boiled or fried.

However, on the days where we find ourselves seated at a breakfast booth or end up watching Master Chef shows, it is then that we are left completely baffled with all the different types of ways to cook an egg. From the very basic to the utterly complicated mentioned below are nine various ways of cooking eggs which lay between the two categories.

  1. Hard Boiled

The most basic of them all, even an amateur cook with the lowest of experience can nail cooking a hard boiled egg. The method of making them involves filling a pot with water enough to submerge the eggs within water with an additional 2 inches. Once the water is boiling, the eggs should carefully with the aid of a spoon be placed within the water and be left to cook for 8-10 minutes.

Once the time’s up, put the cooked eggs into an ice bath for ease while peeling them. Cut them up whichever way you like most and sprinkle them with a bit of black pepper or salt for some seasoning.

  1. Soft boiled

Being pretty much the same as a hard-boiled egg. The only difference pertains to a soft boiled consisting of a runny yolk while a hard boiled egg has a solid yolk, the names being completely self-explanatory.

The method of cooking a soft boiled egg is similar; the only difference present is that of the time being cut back down to about 5-6 minutes of cooking. The decrease in cooking time helps with getting the egg whites cooked properly, while the yolk still stays runny. Perfect for wintery mornings, the Soft boiled eggs work great when to split open on toast, with the perfect seasoning.

  1. Scrambled eggs

When cooked correctly, scrambled eggs can be the ideal execution to cover up for breaking an egg or two accidently. A single tablespoon of milk/egg is whisked into the egg. Seasoned with salt and pepper, the mixture is then poured into a preheated as well as a buttered pan. The process of frequently turning and folding the eggs folds’ air into them, making them extremely light.

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  1. Classic Omelet

Just about anything can be added to the mixture of a classical omelet for the purpose of making it fulfilling and to enhance the deliciousness. Vegetables, mushrooms, Bacon, Chicken, you name it.

For cooking it, initially start by whisking eggs in accordance to the servings, add salt and pepper for seasoning. For additional flavor, chopped onion, garlic, and chilies can also be added. Once the mixture has been prepared, preheat the skillet after it has been oiled. Pour the mixture into the pan and push the edges towards the center.

Once the center has solidified, cheese can also be added for extra scrumptiousness, flip, fold and then place the perfectly cooked omelet into your plate.

  1. Sunny side up

Being completely self-explanatory by name, the Sunny Side up literally consists of an egg yolk which looks shockingly similar to a bright sunny morning. To make this type of an egg, crack it atop of a preheated buttered/greased frying pan. Fry it without flipping until the edges of the egg turn into a shade of brown.

Once the edges start to brown, it is then up to you on how long you further want it over the head depending on the consistency of the yolk you want. Best to be had with a grilled toast, the sunny side up is also considered as ‘dripping’ eggs.

  1. Poached Egg

Every aspect about a poached egg is as fancy as it sounds. Incredibly easy to make, the poached egg required an estimated of 3 inches of boiling water in a saucepan with a dash of vinegar.

 Crack open an egg into a small bowl or a cup. With the water still boiling start swirling it to create a whirlpool, gently slide the egg from the container it Is in into the water.

The egg will immediately start cooking within the boiling water. Once you notice the yolk starting to harden, spoon the poached egg out of the water. Place it atop of a grilled toast and Avocado, with salt and pepper seasoning for best results.

  1. Deviled eggs

Leaning a bit towards the complicated side once being cooked, hard boil several eggs, as per your serving. Cut them up diagonally to remove the yolks, mix the hard yolks with mayonnaise, cream cheese, shredded cheese, chopped green onions and then whisk until all the ingredients are smoothly combined.

Spoon the mixture back into the earlier cut halves of the eggs.

  1. One-minute microwave egg

Probably the quickest way of cooking an egg, A one-minute microwave egg still tastes utterly delicious. Whisk a few tablespoons of milk and shredded cheese into the eggs mixture. Spray some cooking oil into a microwave safe mug and add the egg mixture into it.

Set the microwave on high heat, place the cup in the microwave initially for 45 seconds and then an additional 30 seconds after that. Garnish with herbs, salt, and pepper for an enhanced taste of your creamy, cheesy, one-minute egg.

  1. Frittata

Another method of cooking eggs, more towards the steep side. The cooking process requires beating tomato juice, broth, ¼ cup milk and eggs into a smooth mixture. To the mixture add any choice of meat whether bacon, chicken, beef or even seafood.

On a medium heated buttered skillet, add the mixture and let it cook until it is solid approximately 10 minutes. Take it off the stove, cover it up and let it stay covered for another 10 minutes before garnishing with herbs and serving with some grilled bread.

There’s so much that can be done with eggs, consumed during breakfast, lunch or even dinner, they make up a healthy, inexpensive and a quick meal.

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