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Quick Tips to Remember When Making Homemade Ice Cream

Making your own ice cream is becoming a popular skill people want to learn these days. This is because more people are becoming interested making their own ice cream flavours, either for the sake of increased culinary skills or for nutritional purposes. And yes, making ice cream is not the same as baking or cooking-you can actually consider it as a special talent not anybody can easily acquire.

People who are interested in making ice cream on their own often turn to ice cream making workshops, as these workshops help them not only in learning the techniques, but also the right methods and instruments to use when creating their own ice cream selections.Image result for Quick Tips to Remember When Making Homemade Ice Cream

If you have already acquired some knowledge in ice cream making through workshops and tutorials and would want to start making your own recipes, then here are some tips you may want to use on your upcoming culinary adventure:

  1. Always remember to chill the ice cream base.

Beginners often think that ice cream is all about mixing the given ingredients together and then leaving them on the ice cream maker, with the latter doing the rest of the job. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Preparing the ice cream base takes time and patience, as you have to chill the base first before actually putting it in the ice cream maker. This is the trade secret of soft and delectable ice cream; you have to let the ice crystals in the base form first before breaking them down in the maker.

Chilling the base depends on the type you are using, but usually it takes 2 hours to overnight for the base to be ready for the ice cream maker.

  1. It is also important to freeze the ice cream bowl.

Churning ice cream requires the right amount of cold, thus it will help if you store your ice cream bowl first in the freezer before using it to make your own ice cream. While this can eat more time especially when you are preparing for an ice cream party, freezing the bowl has its own perks: it keeps the base cold while it is being processed by the mixer, and ultimately produces soft and fluffy ice cream, and not the hard kind that’s difficult to scoop.

  1. Do not overfill the ice cream maker!

When filling the ice cream maker, you should keep it at ½ to 2/3 full, and not the whole capacity of the bowl. This is because you need to leave space for the base to become fluffy and airy, which will eventually happen once it is processed by the ice cream maker. An ice cream maker that is overfilled will result to either extremely hard or soft ice cream, not the fluffy and airy kind you are expecting it to be.

  1. For creamier results, add egg yolks.

Egg yolks are rich in fat and protein, and they freeze at different temperatures than water. When they are added to the ice cream base, they help make it soft and creamy when done. Yolks also help keep the base stable, which results to the ice cream melting at a slower pace.

If you are going to use eggs in your ice cream, make it a point not to overheat the base. Overheating will bring out the egg flavour, and this cannot be countered by the cream, sugar, and other flavours you are going to add.

Making your own ice cream can be quite tricky, as you have a lot of process to follow in order to achieve your desired results. Through ice cream making workshops however, you are able to learn the ins and outs of churning ice cream, including how these aforementioned tips are applied.


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