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Host a Dessert Bar at Your Wedding

The best time to indulge in sweets, or a bit of excess, is when you’re celebrating a wedding. What better way to bring levity to a summer wedding than ice cream? There are really no rules when it comes to creating the dessert bar but the most important thing is to select a variety of desserts that both you and your future spouse enjoy, according to Gelato Products.2

Some wonderful options that can be dressed up include an ice cream sundae bar with a selection of different ice cream flavors along with some frozen yogurt for those who prefer something lighter and some gelato for a little taste of the exotic. Don’t forget the ice cream spoons.

Be sure to include all the toppings you can think of. It can help to visit your local frozen yogurt location for inspiration. Everything from fresh fruit to candy can be included. Whipped cream, caramel sauce and hot fudge top off the selection. Gourmet cookies and brownies can be another tasty addition.

To provide guests with a tasty experience at your dessert bar, you can provide frozen yogurt cups so everyone can make their own creation. These cups are available in several different sizes to suit everyone’s appetite.

It’s a good idea to include favorite flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, while also including something unexpected. Many people may have never tried the Italian frozen dessert, but including some gelato supplies can allow guests to try something new. Let your imagination guide you as there really is no way to go wrong with a dessert bar.


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