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Nothing beats the fun of a themed party! Whether it’s a corporate celebration, a milestone anniversary or a kid’s birthday, having a theme gives everyone something to look forward to and sets the mood for an enjoyable event. Thinking up a theme for a party is not an easy task, but you can browse through online invitations to get some inspiration.

Milestone Celebrations

Whether it is a milestone anniversary celebration, a retirement party or even a housewarming bash, choosing the right theme can make the difference between making the party fun and flamboyant rather than run-of-the-mill. The advantage of online invitations is that you can browse through several options ranging from casual, romantic or classy. You will even find options for specific occasions such as 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

Corporate Parties

An office celebration could be anything from a casual team lunch to an anniversary, festive get-togethers or even a farewell. Rather than using standard office stationary for announcing the party, you can choose and customize online invitations to suit the tone or mood. For instance, a casual evening out with colleagues on your team could have a drinks party theme, while an anniversary celebration with cocktails merits a more elegant and official looking invitation.

Decorated Table

Birthday Parties

Of course, birthdays are the most common celebration, but finding a suitable theme for a party is not easy, especially if you want it to suit the interests of the celebrator. And, there are other things to be considered such as the age of the birthday boy or girl. Kids’ parties usually have age appropriate themes like pool, bowling, circus and magic, among others. For adults, there’s more fun to be had from cocktail, masquerade or dance themes.

Festive Celebrations

Diwali, Christmas or Holi, whatever the festival or holiday you are hosting a party for, sending out a themed invitation gets everyone in the spirit of things. It also gives them sufficient time to ransack their wardrobe to find something suitable to wear.

Deciding on the party theme is just one on the list of many things that need to be done to organize a party. By the time you are done with choosing a venue, finalizing the menu and preparing the guest list, you might find yourself too tired to contemplate going out to buy invitation cards or even individually telephoning your guests to invite them.

This is where online invitations offer a hassle-free solution. By browsing through several pages of designs on your screen, you can pick an invitation that fits the theme of your party. Once you finish customizing it by adding details of the venue, date, time and dress code you can select the list of invitees from the address book on any of your email service providers. The addresses will then be automatically entered into the ‘To’ field so you can send them out in just one click.

Of course online invitations have other advantages such as being trendy and green, but the main reason you will want to use them once you’ve tried them is because they simplify your life and put the joy back into organizing a party! Send out invitations at Internet Speed at

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